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Nomad Pass makes it easy for you to work remotely from beautiful, curated locations around the world and connect with other nomads & location independent professionals wherever you are.


A huge thanks to our community for supporting us and being part of our story. Together we can shape the future of work will look like and start working differently. Be part of it!


By building the Nomad Pass community, we seek to help others build their skills and seek help from others. This sharing & collaborative culture, driven by international contributors, connects and helps others embrace exciting new journeys.


Finding the right accommodation and the right working environment when working remotely, for a few days or long term, takes time and energy. Whether you are a digital nomad, entrepreneur or freelancer seeking your next destination, or an employee seeking to organize your next startup retreat or workcation, we can help!


It’s Simple! Get your pass to book the best destinations to work remotely from & connect with other nomads and location independent professionals.

Working remotely doesn’t have to be lonely. Join the community to get matched with like-minded professionals based on your location, interests, skills & travel plans. Make new friends, collaborate & create business opportunities on the road.

Finding quality places is time consuming. Reimagining retreats. We find you the perfect spot to inspire and motivate your team.

Finding quality places is time consuming. We find you the most beautiful places to stay and work remotely from with reliable wifi & great amenities to stay productive. Choose from co-living spaces, boutique hotels and villas.


We believe the future of work is remote and no longer tied to a stationary 9–5 job. Working remotely means having the flexibility and the ability to choose authentic ways to be more productive and we think remote work doesn’t have to be all remote or nothing. It’s about taking a more flexible approach to the workplace and the work we do, and choosing the best ways in which we are productive.

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"I am a strong believer that the future of work is remote and want to empower more professionals like me to work remotely."

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"I have a deep understanding of the hosting challenges & I want to help other hosts like me to provide the best experience to their guests."

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